Latest Rates 
• Foot Massage
½   hours: Rs.1000
1 hour: Rs.1300
1 & ½ hours: Rs.1700
• Others
Menicure: Rs.800
Pedicure: Rs.1300
Face Massage : Rs.800
Head & Shoulder : ½ hour – Rs.900 , 1 & ½ hours: Rs.1500

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing complementary therapy which is suitable for all age groups, and may bring relief to a wide range of acute and chronic conditions. The aim of Reflexology is to help your body naturally achieve homeostasis or balance. Most people feel rejuvenated, relaxed and rebalanced after a Reflexology session.

Allowing yourself some down time during a busy, often stressful, life is so important for your overall health and wellbeing. Reflexology can help you to become energised, focused and able to cope with the incessant demands of modern life.

Step into our Foot Reflexology Centre which is now open until 11 pm to suit your busy lifestyle and feel the relaxation offered by our well experienced theraphists.


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